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Kaiame Naturals Organic Deodorant (Lavender) - 2 oz Glass Jar

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Are you tired of deodorants formulated with harmful chemicals that merely cover up odor?  Looking for a natural deodorant that actually KILLS the bacteria responsible for causing unpleasant underarm odors?  Look no further!  Our natural deodorant is formulated using carefully selected ingredients to help prevent odor causing bacteria to accumulate in your armpits, which helps to keep you smelling fresh longer.

Our deodorant goes on smooth and is absorbed by the skin, which leaves you feeling like you have no deodorant on at all!

We promise you will love our all natural deodorant, or we will refund your money back!

Our deodorant contains 100% all natural and organic ingredients.  It is made with some of the BEST bacteria fighting ingredients available.

  • The powerful anti-bacterial properties of coconut oil and colloidal silver combined with the PH balancing properties of magnesium oil help combat odor-causing bacteria under the armpits to keep you smelling fresh all day!
  • With the ability to absorb 1000x its own weight in moisture, the activated charcoal in our deodorant will help absorb some wetness to protect your clothes from sweat stains, while helping to draw toxins from your armpits.

Note:  This is NOT an antiperspirant, and you will still sweat when working out.  However, the activated charcoal power in our deodorant will help control the wetness and prevent your clothes from sweat stains.

Remember:  It is healthy to let your body sweat!

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